Human resource services

You can select a combination of services that are necessary for your company!


Wage calculation

We ensure wage and cost calculation for your company in compliance with the law.


Staff work

We provide varied staff work services that can be adapted to your company:

  • employee evaluation;
  • compiling job descriptions;
  • compiling and managing employment contracts;
  • compiling competence models;
  • preparing development plans of employees;
  • auditing staff.

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Permanent recruitment

Recruitment from menial and skilled workers to specialists: administrators, assistants, customer service workers, sales representatives, storage workers and many other positions.

We apply the shortest possible schedule from the order to the conclusion of the employment contract – the average time of concluding a project ranges from a few days to a maximum of four weeks.


Mass recruitment – we recruit you a large number of new employees or ensure that employees are added to your staff with prescribed regularity.


Benefit for the client:

  • efficient use of resources;
  • employment ads included in the recruitment fee;
  • possible to employ a worker on trial via staff rent;
  • data protection and confidentiality;
  • quality recruitment service.

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Temporary staffing

Temporary staffing is a modern and flexible form of employment. Whether you need a data entry operator for an ad campaign, accountant to replace an employer on maternity leave, a salesperson for the summer period or additional staff for undertaking some other project – we will support you!


Temporary staffing allows to:

  • optimise management and staff costs;
  • react quickly to changing needs;
  • effectively manage the staff;
  • hand legal, financial and administrative responsibilities over to Simplika.


Staff rent

Selecting an employee for a certain position and time period, at the same time distributing costs equally over the entire contract period.


Managing the workforce

As the official employer of rented workers, Simplika provides daily support regarding wage calculation and administrative issues.


Substitute secretary service

A useful service for companies where the receptionist’s functions hold  crucial importance and it is necessary for fill in for a secretary on holiday or on sick leave. Simplika will offer you a competent rent worker to substitute your secretary and perform daily tasks like answering incoming calls, hosting visitors, forwarding mail, etc.


For more information, please contact our consultant:

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