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With our consultants, you have access to quick, simple and convenient staffing solutions as well as get comprehensive support with human resources.


Simplika offers human resources solutions primarily in the following fields: recruitment and selection, staff rent, managing employment contracts and wage calculation. Our mission is to create order, simplicity and user-friendliness in activities related to human resource management and represent clients and candidates in every field and industry.


Human resource solutions provided by Simplika are useful when:

  • the human resource budget and/or number of contractual employees is limited;
  • there is no need for internal human resource management and accounting due to the small size of the company;
  • a foreign company wishes to have a representative without having a local branch;
  • employees need to be found for a specific term or a fixed period;
  • an existing employee needs to be replaced during holiday, illness or maternity leave;
  • your company needs support in human resource management.


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