Career advice

Finding a new job takes self-analysis, focus and persistence!

  1. Consider your personal values, possible career interest, professional skills and social competence.
  2. Draw up a résumé (CV) and highlight your most important experiences, achievements and success stories. Check your CV carefully to make sure the spelling, punctuation and your information is correct.
  3. Create a professional LinkedIn profile for yourself.
  4. Communicate constantly and share information about looking for a job. Join specialised organisations to create connections with people who might help you.
  5. When seeking a job, base it on your skills, interests and values. Look up the background of potential employers to determine which offers meet your expectations best.
  6. Prepare for the job interview: find out information about the potential employer, review the job description, come up with questions for the interviewer about the company and position.
  7. Practice for the job interview: answer typical interview questions about motivation (why should the company hire you?), job experience (which achievements do you feel proud about?) and skills. Refresh your memory about situations or projects that have challenged you a lot.
  8. Be positive!


We wish you luck!


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