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Simplika helps you find a new and suitable full- or part-time job, temporarily or permanently.


Simplika is a rent service provider with friendly, simple and fast service. We mainly seek employees in the fields of assistance, sales and production. We offer new job opportunities for people returning from maternity leave, students, fresh graduates and professionals with a long-term job experience alike.


In addition to the publicly disclosed position, Simplika has a lot of clients whose ads are not put on the website. Therefore it pays to call us even if you couldn’t find a suitable job from the publicly disclosed available positions.


If you have specific professional skills but you don’t know how to offer them to potential employers, we will compile a professional introduction about you and send it to potential suitable employers. Thereby, we increase your chances of finding the best way to apply your skills without you having to deal with it yourself.


The consultants of Simplika are friendly and dedicated professionals. Trust and propriety are important for us, we value confidentiality highly and we are honest with you. We like to interact with people and we are always happy to see our applicants succeed.


Services and advice for job seekers are free of charge. Call us at 699 0500 or see us at Foorum centre, Narva mnt 5, Tallinn.


Ask for advice!

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